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Rina's Selection Story

Learned technology in Japan and came to Germany



Graduated from a school certified by the Japan Eyelash Extension Association

Completed a nail school

Completed a facial school

Passed the Japan Eyelash Extension Association Skills Test

Moved to Germany in 2012


Started home visit service

Opened a small salon in a room in my home

Started providing services in a corner of the beauty salon



Passed German B1 exam, passed general knowledge exam, obtained permanent residence visa

Learned eyelash perm technique in Japan.

Began offering nail and eyelash services in a corner of a beauty salon in Dusseldorf.


Completed a course in WAX hair removal technology.

Completed Biosculpture gel nail training

Completed training in Xtreme lashes eyelash extension techniques

Completed a facial technique course at an Israeli cosmetic store

Completed schooling in IPL hair removal and IPL light facial techniques

Completed training in eyelash and eyebrow coloring techniques

Relocated store to expand service


​    2018

Moved to Belsenplatz in Oberkassel, Dusseldorf

Became Rina's Selection, a total beauty lounge.

eyelash extensions, eyelash curling and nail services.


Started selling vintage tableware, accessories and fashion items.

Hair removal, facial service introduced Fashion item import started

Evolved into a concept shop by fusing beauty, fashion and lifestyle



Permanent hair removal service using IPL technology started

IPL light facial service started.


Completion of high frequency facial technology training

Began offering high frequency (Tripollar Radiofrequency) skin rejuvenation facials


Passed Matsukaze Certified Educator Examination at Japan Eyelash Research Institute, Inc.


Imported fashion items from Italy and started to sell them in Germany.

In addition to in-store sales, products are sold at seasonal events.

Technology evolution and services that meet customer needs



Passed the Matsukaze Certified Eyelash Sommelier Examination at Japan Eyelash Research Institute, Inc.

Started providing eyelash extensionsⓇ, a more elegant and natural eyelash extension technique.

eyelash extensionⓇ service, a more elegant and natural eyelash extension technique.


Signed a contract with a long-established German tableware manufacturer, kitchenware manufacturer, and

Contracts with long-established German tableware, kitchenware, and lifestyle goods manufacturers.

Tie-up with a boutique in Germany and start joint sales


In March, the face-to-face technology provision was temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Started online esthetic service using facial equipment.

Challenge DX with changes in the world without breaking the style that values ​​face-to-face

~ Creating a store that is particular but not tied up ~


We have established a secret online shop, Kagiana, where members can purchase products that we have sold in our stores.

Secret online store Kagiana was established.

Began offering online sales and click-and-collect services.


Signed a contract with Japan Menard Co., Ltd. to sell Japanese basic cosmetics.


Began providing online diagnosis service for selecting basic skin care products.


In accordance with the revision of the German Federal Law, applied for the qualification of Anatomy, Laser and IPL specialist at NiVS accredited school.


  Rina's Selection will continue to update its story together with customers and friends.



With gratitude

Rina Osburg

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