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[Eyelash Hair Growth Essence] Rush & Blow Booster
  • [Eyelash Hair Growth Essence] Rush & Blow Booster

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    If you have never encountered a really effective eyelash serum, please try it.

    By controlling the speed of the hair cycle and lengthening the growth period and stagnation period of the lashes, you can expect the effect of lengthening the lashes and making them difficult to pull out.

    An eyelash growth agent made without using any hormones or Lumigan (a glaucoma treatment ingredient) that have side effects. Uses red coral ingredients to speed up cell regeneration.

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    • 取り扱い上の注意

      Shake the bottle firmly before use.

      If there is too much beauty essence on the tip of the tip, it may drip into the eyeballs, so squeeze it with the edge of the bottle and then apply it little by little.

      You can feel the effect about 6 weeks after the start of use. (There are individual differences)

      Apply to eyelashes and eyebrows twice daily for 6 weeks, morning and evening, immediately after washing your face.

      After 6 weeks, if you feel the effect, change to use once a day.

      With daily use, the length and density of the eyelashes will be maintained.

      If you take a long rest, your lashes may return to their original length.

      Keep your lashes and eyebrows easier to fall out with age, and restore your lashes and eyebrows that have become thinner and shorter to keep youthful cells.

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