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Eyelash extensions

Eyeline Extension ®

Lina's false eyelashes are popular for their "clean, natural, and elegant finish for adults." We are proud of our commitment to materials, knowledge, technology and safety. Wearing extensions can greatly reduce your daily make-up time, eliminate complexities around your eyes, and have a small face effect. Just wearing extensions will make you feel better.

We will select the number, length, curl, thickness, etc. together with the eye designer according to the desired design and the condition of your own eyelashes. There is no change in the price depending on the number.

There are individual differences in the hair cycle, but on average 5 to 10 eyelashes fall off naturally each day. Many customers come to our store once every three to four weeks for maintenance.

​Eyeliner extensions are available at the same price.

About eyeliner extension→ see here


Refill (additional extension)

 2 weeksWithin: €55

Within 3 weeks: €75

Within 4 weeks: €95

Within 5 weeks: €115

*From the 5th week onwards, the initial fee will apply.

Perfect eyelash curl

Perfect eyelash curl ・ ・ ・64 euros

The best finish ever and the popular Linaz eyelash curls. We have received happy comments such as "the eyelashes will not be damaged", "the longest curl sustainability ever", and "the finish you want". You will be freed from daily eyelash curler and shorten your make-up time.


Although there are individual differences in the duration, many customers come to the store with maintenance once every four weeks to one and a half months as a guide.

​ Premium Keratin Lash Lift

:86 euro(in preparation)


IPL photoepilation

I am worried that the daily self-treatment of unwanted hair will accumulate damage to the skin, and problems such as pigmentation and ingrown hair will become anxious year by year. A woman who can show her skin with confidence even in a sudden situation is proof that she is normally groomed as a woman. Wasted hair is one of the daily stresses that you want to resolve and release as soon as possible.

Lina's has introduced the latest machine that can handle Japanese skin with an IPL system, an epilator that minimizes the burden on the skin.

S size: 33 euros/1 part 

Under the nose/chin/both fingers/both toes

Nipple area / Navel area

(Approximate treatment time 10-15 minutes)

M size: 66 euros/1 part 

V line (side top)

Both armpits / both knees / both upper toes / both upper toes

(Approximate treatment time 20 to 30 minutes)

L size: 99 euros / 1 part

Whole face / nape (neckline) / back (upper) / back (lower) / waist / hips / legs (above the knee) / legs (below the knee) / bust / both arms (upper) / both arms (lower) / VIO line

(Approximate treatment time 30-60 minutes)

Hair removal ticket (set fee)

Number of sheets required for one treatment   

S size 1 sheet M size 2 sheets L size 3 sheets

6-piece set normal price 198 euros → 190 euros

12-piece set normal price 396 euros → 365 euros

18-piece set normal price 594 euros → 550 euros


Photo face therapy

It is an effective therapy for solving most of the problems that you start to worry about as you get older, focusing on spots, wrinkles, acne, reddish face, and pore opening.

In countries with strong UV rays, many people are worried that spots may suddenly become noticeable or wrinkles may become noticeable. If that happens, we recommend that you take early measures. Especially for stains, if left unattended, ultraviolet rays will concentrate on the pigment and become darker and darker. If you find a stain that you are interested in, you should take immediate measures to alleviate your worries in the future.

After undergoing photoface therapy, the spots may become darker and scabbing.

Most people get scabs off in about a week and feel the visible effect.

The effect is not only for age spots, but also for most other problems called aging, it promotes skin revitalization and creates skin that is not defeated by foreign enemies. Phototherapy regenerates collagen, normalizes skin turnover, and activates new cells to rejuvenate the skin.

Photo face therapy 165 euros



Irradiate the entire face with light therapy

Face wash

Moisturizing mineral pack

Revived moisturizing lotion


UV cut cream finish



Photo face therapy coupon

5 times set 550 euros

(Can be used with high frequency Reju8)


Photo face therapy coupon

5 times set normal 825 euros → 618 euros

(Can be used with HydraFacial)


hydra facial

Standard: 165 euros



Introduction of serum

Deluxe: €195



Introduction of serum

LED light therapy

Platinum: ​195 euros

Lymph drainage



​Introduction of higher-grade serum

LED light therapy

Booster introduction by problem

​It is highly recommended to use with the option.

​Can be used with photo face therapy coupons.

HydraFacial is a beauty treatment that performs 6 functions in 3 steps: cleansing, peeling/pore suction, moisturizing, introduction of serum, and protection. Using patented technology acquired in the United States, it penetrates the skin with a serum containing moisturizing ingredients while removing dirt from pores that cannot be removed at home. Immediately after the treatment, the skin will be soft, smooth and bright, and the effect will last for a long time.

◎ Beautiful skin treatment that is gentle on acne skin

Thoroughly cleanses sebum and dirt. By removing dirt from the pores, it improves acne on the surface of the skin and prepares the skin to prevent new acne from forming.


◎ Evolutionary peeling using water

A mild exfoliating agent mixed with glycolic acid and salicylic acid is applied, and the water flow moisturizes the skin while deep cleansing.


◎ Skin strength that can be felt immediately after treatment

Cleansing, polishing, chemical peeling, and moisturizing are performed at the same time, so you can improve the texture of your skin, improve dullness, blemishes, and fine wrinkles. After the treatment, the roughness of the skin is removed, and you can immediately feel the smooth texture.


Option menu

HARI Essence Serenbene Treatment


Fine needles with cutting-edge technology (patented manufacturing method technology), inospicules (needle-shaped crystals of silica) with zero impurities, are filled with an active ingredient mainly composed of umbilical cord blood stem cell culture medium, and then coated. Inospicule with active ingredients can reach deep into the skin and continue to deliver active ingredients to the skin for up to 72 hours.

Nose Intensive Hydra Cleanse: €60

Recommended for those who suffer from clogged pores, lack of transparency, pimples, and rough skin. By removing excess keratin and washing deep into the pores, it creates an environment where basic cosmetics can penetrate the skin. Even if you use good cosmetics, if you don't feel the effect, the environment of your skin may be the cause.

​For HydraFacial, you can choose from intensive care for the entire face or around the nose.

Whole face hydra wash: €135

HARI Beauty Pack (SPICARE  V.O.S.): €15


Crystal Bio Cellulose is a cellulose that was born for HARI skin care. Since it has a fit that cannot be obtained with a general sheet mask and has high moisturizing properties, it does not evaporate and conversely dry the skin. Contains 300 inospicules in one sheet mask.









PERK LIP:50ユーロ




VITA-C ブースター:60ユーロ







PERK EYE:60ユーロ















If you would like an optional menu, please check the desired option at the time of booking.

(Even if you apply on the day of the treatment, we may be able to guide you depending on the content and availability.)

Brow lifting (in preparation)

It is a treatment to apply a perm with the hair flow of the eyebrows adjusted. Brow lift makes it easier to apply eyebrow makeup, and even without makeup, the flow of the eyebrow hairs is in order, giving the impression of light makeup.

Microblading (in preparation)

Art makeup that draws the hair of the eyebrows one by one.Although there are individual differences, the eyebrows drawn for about 2 to 3 years do not disappear,​The solution to your daily eyebrow makeup.

Powder blow (in preparation)

It is a permanent make-up that looks like powder on the eyebrows. ​Recommended for those who want a soft impression and eyebrows that look like they have been made up. There are individual differences, but you can enjoy it for about 2 to 3 years.

Eyebrow customization (in preparation)

Recommended for those who are worried about their own thin eyebrows and want to obtain natural eyebrows that look like powdered makeup. Using both microblading and powder brow techniques, the eyebrows that look like real eyebrows are drawn one by one, and then finished with a gradation of color that looks like powder makeup.

Lip permanent makeup (in preparation)

It is recommended for those who have pale lips and the complexion of the whole face looks bad, those who are worried about the lip color coming off, and those who cannot draw lip color well.

It is also possible to use optical illusions to raise the drooping corners of the mouth and correct the thickness of the lips. (The correctable range is determined to be about 1 mm at maximum.)

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