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Total Beauty Lounge Rina's Selection

Lina's Selection started in May 2013 as a small small salon using a room at home. In 2014, we rented a space in a corner of the beauty salon and started the service of eyelash extension and nails. In 2017, the salon was relocated independently to Oberkassel.

While responding to customer requests, we have gradually increased the menu.

The reason why Lina's Selection has grown so far is thanks to the customers who participated in the salon creation together. We want to be a salon that always stays close to our customers' feelings. And, for our customers, we are particular about the location of the salon, the menu, the machines and tools used, and the products.

By appointment only
Your own special time

By daily choice

The story of you and its surroundings will be drawn.

Are you laughing now?

A woman's smile has the power to lead the world to peace.

If you wish for the happiness of your family and those around you

Let's start by making you smile.

Let's get started


Total Beauty Lounge

Rina's Selection

Representative Osburg Rina

Living in Germany, which is different from Japan, has a lot of fun, but it also makes me feel uneasy and misses the services in Japan. In particular, beauty services, which are most important for women, are indispensable for enriching daily life. We will continue to strive to provide the best service by listening to everyone's voices, "I wish this was here."

Our salon requires reservations, and we have prepared a space where you can relax. My dream of a salon with a childcare service was realized in 2017, and moms with young children are becoming more and more beautiful and spending their daily lives beautifully.

Not only can you beautify your appearance, but you can also heal your daily fatigue, work for yourself, and reset your mind.

Women want to be beautiful forever, wherever they are.

If you clean it, you will want to meet people. I want to go out. And it will be a nice smile. Then, everyone around you, your family, and your children will be happy. We will spare no effort to make as many women as possible spend their daily lives with a smile.

The accumulation of daily choices determines you in the future.

What do you do today?

Who do you want to smile?

Are you laughing now?

The choices are here.


We are looking forward to seeing you.


Rina's Selection

Address Quirinstraße 3 40545 Düsseldorf

According to the language school Perapera

It is right next to the clothes repair shop.

Subway (U) ・ ・ ・ U70 U74 U75 U76 U77

Bus (H) ・ ・ ・ 805 828 833 834 835 836

Both are a 1-minute walk from Belsenplatz

Contact Us

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business hours

Monday-Saturday 9: 00-16: 00

(Complete reservation system)

* We will refrain from calling during the procedure.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please call us after a while, or contact us via the inquiry form or email.

Inquiries on LINE

Our salon uses the world's highest level of soft water.

Selected as the TOP Salon in Düsseldorf.

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