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Commitment to the treatment bed


When you receive the eyelash menu or facial menu, you will spend a long time in bed, 1 to 2 hours. In order to minimize the burden on the customer's body, we have introduced reclining chairs using the finest mattresses. The shape is calculated so that the human body can lie down in the most relaxing position, and when you lie down, you can get a feeling of relaxation that you can't say anything about. It is said that women, who play a particularly large role, tend to have their autonomic nerves disturbed and accumulate stress. From time to time, just relaxing and lying down can help to relieve and refresh your autonomic nervous system.




Commitment to hygiene


All the tools used in our shop are used once but will not be reused.

Metals and other disinfectable tools are disinfected and replaced for each customer.

We strive to avoid the risk of infectious diseases by reusing tools.

It is almost impossible to sterilize and sterilize by just washing with water. The disinfectant solution and UV irradiation keep the tools clean at all times.



Commitment to glue


There are many different types of glue (adhesive used to attach eyelash extensions) around the world.

It is one of the materials that we engineers have to choose most carefully.


At our shop, we use glue made in Japan for advanced users of MATSUKAZE INC.

MATSUKAZE INC. Is a company that is at the forefront of the Japanese eyelash extension industry and has set the standard for the Japanese eyelash extension industry. The corporate culture that is enthusiastic about research and straightforward in everything has achieved the top results in the industry for seven consecutive years. It is out. We develop the latest products that consider the safety of each and every customer, and are pleased by both engineers and customers. I, Rina Osburg, have the title of MATSUKAZE INC. Official Educator, and select and provide products with the latest information on the eyelash extension industry.


The combination of good quality glue and the level of knowledge of the technician makes a difference in the finish of the extension.


A good quality glue can minimize the usage fee and minimize the load on your own eyelashes. The more glue you have, the more weight you put on your lashes, which can cause hair loss. In addition, the eyelash line that has been fooled by a large amount of glue is far from elegant, and the finish is not beautiful. The glue used in our shop reduces the burden on your own eyelashes, does not interfere with hair growth, has a beautiful finish, and enables a synergistic effect that gives you an elegant impression like your own eyelashes.

In addition, it has passed the high standard allergy test, and it is a glue that you can enjoy extension with confidence.



Commitment to artificial hair


The material of extension (artificial hair) varies depending on the manufacturer. In addition, since processing and management are also performed according to each standard, it can be said that there is an immeasurable part in selecting a good quality product. At our shop, we use patented clean lashes (antibacterial eyelashes), which are high-quality artificial hairs that are particular about Japan quality. Unlike conventional artificial eyelashes, "Clean Rush" can continuously control germs. Antibacterial material is blended from the raw material stage to suppress the growth of bacteria even after mounting.

In order to achieve the natural finish that our shop emphasizes, one of the features is the shine of artificial hair, the healthy shine close to that of natural eyelashes, and the material with excellent softness.




Commitment to the machine

As for the machine used for IPL photo-epilation and photo face therapy, we have introduced an excellent machine that can handle Asian skin. Although not well known in Japan, Israel was the first country to develop an optical hair removal machine. Since Israel is home to a wide variety of races, including Russian Caucasians, Europeans, Middle Easterns, and yellows, it was necessary to deal with a wide range of skin types. And even now, research-minded and perfectionist Israelis are focusing on developing machines. We have succeeded in developing a filter that can emit only light that has the effect of rejuvenating the skin, and while specializing in safe photo-epilation that produces results and elimination of age spots, it regenerates collagen in the skin, causing wrinkles, sagging, and pores. We have realized a therapy that improves wrinkles such as openness and redness. We have introduced the best quality machines from Israel through our distributors in Germany.



Commitment to cosmetics used

Mr. Shie Sato, who has won the grand prix at an esthetic competition in Japan and is also involved in consultants for many esthetic salons, has absolute credibility. I met her when I was 18 years old. At that time, I was a university student in Sendai, the city of trees, and I was working part-time as a cram school teacher, and Mr. Fumiyori, the wife of the cram school director, was active as the owner of an esthetic salon where celebrities go all the way from Tokyo. Currently, he is active as a lecturer and consultant with offers from many manufacturers and salons. I consulted with her, who was the first to aspire to the beauty industry, and decided to cooperate with a placenta cosmetics manufacturer that was only allowed to be handled by a trusted esthetic salon. The climate of Europe can be said to be a harsh environment for the skin of Asians, including Japanese. The key is to improve the roots of the skin, revive cells, improve the moisturizing power of the skin itself, and power charge.





Commitment to water


All the water used in our treatment is soft water.

The world's highest nano-level water purifier (Aqua Diana) removes most harmful substances with high-performance water purification power.

Now that you are living in Europe, there are many problems with hard tap water.

According to the figures, tap water in Germany contains 5 times more impurities than Japanese tap water.

It is important to pay attention to the water used for drinking and eating, but it is also essential for skin care.

Soft water is very effective in creating beautiful skin. The mineral balance of soft water is said to be very close to the mineral balance in the body, and it is said to have a very high affinity for the human body.

When you wash your face with hard water, soap scum remains on your skin and oxidizes, which can lead to skin problems. You should be able to feel the difference just by finishing with soft water.

When the amount of water in the body decreases, the skin becomes dry, and wrinkles, age spots, dullness, and other problems increase. By using soft water that has a high affinity for the human body, you can experience the effects of the treatment at our shop.

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